Is There Life on Mars? Life Begins Again

All planets start devoid of life. Where did life come from? We all began somewhere in small towns and through generations of lifeforms.

We’re never really starting over. Appendages are tethers traded in the course of evolution.

The adjustment is awkward and barren, but free to become something different.

In the end you take with you what you really need. It’s nothing you can carry.

Power lines stand in rows like little men. A desert anachronism The last defense Soldiers on the desert home frontlines. The things that allow us to live in modern ease come down to thin lines in silver cables. What brings one to the desert for good? Parsing down beauty and investing in the things, and people that matter.

You take your belongings but you are not your things alone. You gotta trust you have some anchors inside and beside you. We often have so much more going on in our favor than we realize.

Deserts exist in dualities of extreme conditions. It feels alien and surreal. But there’s enough of a balance for pockets of plant life and wildlife to exist. Creatures and cacti have to conserve the things, nutrients, people that matter. They are connected to the Earth and the their environment.

It’s hard when you & the people you love are scattered over the globe. Just want to hang out with my best friends and fam forever. Unfortunately it’s not always possible. It can stay tough to be grounded when we stay connected through wifi and phone lines. You gotta use the lifelines you have. We are supposed to be connected. I love fiercely and will hold on forever until I can’t. I’m learning to send word before life gets too deep.

We’re separated by oceans and state lines, but we ain’t in this alone. Dancing Days are Here Again. Ground control to Major Tom, family, friends.

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