Paved Paradise: Earth Day

Walking in the mountains is like walking in part of your soul. This Earth Day feels like we are collectively rediscovering our connection to the Blue planet and the strange fragility upon which we live.

Just being able to go outside of our homes has become a luxury. Maybe we needed this time out to remember how awesome our big Blue world is, and how much we really do matter to one another.

The more we connect to the Earth the more we connect to our truest selves. The false selves are peeling away and a deep primal call is opening up in their absences. You are alive and innately interwoven with a vast, beautiful, living planet.

Being in Nature is the closest thing to religion I’ve found since leaving the church. One may argue that the Earth itself was the first mother goddess. The first religions revered Nature because these cultures were fully immersed with the planet in a way modern times and luxuries don’t allow.

Being in balanced concert with Earth is the way that everything is supposed to live. Lest we forget Nature will often rectify its imbalances. Old things and species have thrived and wiped away millions of times over.

Humans have devised ingenious civilization-defining ways to cultivate and utilize the resources this planet benevolently offers us- for better or worse.  The technological achievements of the modern era have allowed humans to live in inhospitable regions in deserts, remote space, Antarctica, inner-city neighborhoods and rural get-away’s. A flipped switch sends electricity coursing through miles of cables enabling us to conquer darkness, boredom, reheated meals. Yet, Nature cannot be owned because the Earth belongs to no one.

There are consequences to our immediately gratifying lifestyles and Amazon Prime conveniences which are only compounded by the small deceptions of perfectly manicured social media presences.  The hardships and evils in this life must push us to new ways of living.

This great separateness of cultures is a societal illusion which will continue to be perpetuated until humanity collectively reconciles the “otherness” within ourselves.

Is there anyone else who never feels less than complete? Is the yearning to find something greater a leftover, a vestigial limb evolution has made redundant?

Perhaps that’s why the city, why the monotony of everyday life become more precise, the micro-aggressions more passive-aggressive. Forgotten people who have forgotten our purpose.

In Nature you forget Trump is or isn’t committing some atrocity and coronavirus is leaking all over our feeds and noses. We make life so complicated. It almost seems like going to nature is a luxury because who can afford to go hike nature trail in unless you live near a forest.

Most of humanity doesn’t get to experience that connection in urban settings or parts of the earth that don’t grow certain types of vegetation or harsh climates that beat away the resources that are growing at all. We came together and banded together to make society stronger for us all. It is a choice.

In the mountains it’s just you and nature. You become awestruck in the realization of your own divinity and that of everything around you. It’s the closest to god you will ever get in this life.

You begin treating others better as you intentionally take time to connect to your own self instead of escaping into a K-hole of repression and cheap thrills.

The Earth and its inhabitants are constantly evolving and expanding. In situations that seem dire many new solutions are often opened up. That is what the evolution of all things is about. It’s how we get stronger collectively as a whole.

It might sound cliche but legit everything is interconnected. It took Life 2.5 billion years to form from a single celled organism to the riff-raffed beautifully complex humans clumped around the planet today.

We are the ones who the Earth belongs. We are part of life and part of one another. We may have “paved paradise,” but it’s only a temporary stay. We are owed it all and promised nothing. Nature is our true home and the cities are our escape.

We truly only have this moment until the the moment we don’t.

It has been ingrained in us to believe that if we are alone then there is something wrong or not normal with us. The opposite is true. In solitude there is freedom to be totally and authentically who you are. It’s only in the absence of external validation of others input or need to please that we become more of our authentic self. We must have time to find our true highest self and let that guide us forward. Time is actually the one thing most of us actually have an abundance of these days.

And When you think you have done enough work you still find depths within yourself and you keep digging. Life will build the canals around you.

Just as in life, Nature can be volatile, unpredictable, dangerous. Those fears lessen as you discover each one of us is part of this grand creation. You become more mindful in the great outdoors because you have to be attentive. You become more appreciative of living things. you see that plants aren’t static. Trees dance in the wind. Flowers turn towards the sun. Vines stretch their creeping limbs among trees and even buildings. Life is blooming and living all around you, but it is also full of perils and unknowns.

For we lie with primordial oppressors pressing up and against each other for validation and degradation. The Earth’s plates rubbed against each other and created mountains. Every action is in effort to achieve a goal. On the long drive home, you’ll find what and who home is. And it’s never ending. It doesn’t stop even when we arrived to our intended destination. There will always be something more to want. A new project to undertake, a new orgasm, another birthing of inspiration will come to us.

In truth the things and states of being you seek are always there waiting for you to become quiet enough to do the inner-work and allow yourself to begin living the life you dreamed of. One day the weight you carry won’t be so heavy and you’ll be able to hold enough until the next weight is added. One day you may find yourself surrounded by mountains and snow. A blue sky stretching out and completely enveloping you. It is what eternity must feel like. This world is magic coming from another room.

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