It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

Waterfalls offer a perfect metaphor for the continual impermanence of existing. Still they perpetuate the illusion that this beauty, this earth, that life will last forever.

The technological achievements of the modern era have allowed humans to live in inhospitable regions in deserts, remote space, Antarctica, inner-city neighborhoods and rural get-aways. A flipped switch sends electricity coursing through miles of cables enabling us to conquer darkness, boredom, reheated meals.

Yet there are consequences to our immediately gratifying lifestyles and Amazon Prime conveniences. We don’t want to wait or work through things. Swiping right and on to the next one is so much easier. I do it too.

The facades are compounded by the small deceptions of perfectly manicured social media presences. It’s easy to get caught up in the wrapping and maintain the illusion of prosperity and of having it all. Making it seem like you have it all together when you don’t takes an exorbitant effort of its own. In the end you realize you’re only competing against and with yourself.

In a weird way I’m more free since I’ve dropped the trappings and need to seem like I got my shit together. It’s created a space of honesty, even more authenticity, and a willingness to face the shadow than I’ve ever expressed before.

We forget it’s okay to wait. That there is a beauty within silence and not getting your way. We don’t mean to get caught up in the material excesses; which have become so ubiquitous we view some privileges as inherent rights. Yet human rights are still negotiable because humans are a commodity to be sold as a commodity and mined for votes.

Follow Nature’s lead and embrace the silence. Move past the pain and you will come to acceptance.

You will eventually begin thriving in your secluded forests for resiliency is the building block of Nature.

How many things I’ve taken for granted because I got used to having all of my needs met and more for most of my life. Within the stripping of people, of material goods, of social statuses, of broken dreams you can find yourself broken as well. But in that desolation is a calling to go farther inside of yourself to find the source of your struggle and to find out who you really are.

Truthfully, nothing stays the same. These temporal trappings are not forever. No matter how good, bad, ugly your present is- it is not forever. All we have is the current moments which began building your future. We are taught to look away from suffering, ignoring the houseless human beings scraping just to get by.

We often ignore and repress our own inner turmoils and often we can survive even thrive without ever having to do any deep self-work. The unexamined life begins to feel hollow for everyone whether they know it or not.

There is nothing wrong with having or wanting to have nice things. But when we assign our worth and identity to the acquisition of Name-brand bags, shoes, relationships, anything outside of ourselves it is then we are doomed.

How beautifully strange and confounding that all of the things which truly matter- connection, laughter, bonding, boning, love are things you can’t see, can’t like on IG, can’t hold tangibly. I am striving to be the best version of myself daily. I think that most of us desire and are making progress to do exactly the same.

Each drop of water seems paltry and insignificant on their own. A waterfall is just another cliff without a collection of trillions of water molecules coming together in cascading torrents. Each step on our journeys add up.

We have to stop judging ourselves for not being immediately radically successful and enjoy each embrace, each pound lost, each morning we awake to begin another day until the next one comes. Cause baby, “It Ain’t Over ‘Til it’s Over.”

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