There is No Dark Future! Part 2: A poem & photo series.

A poem continued. An offering of hope. Like so many of you I have been on a spiritual journey the past year and a half. New Wisdom has been given to me. Words of truth our souls are aching to know. Thank you so much for reading these frail words which are spoken through me. May you be uplifted. I love you all!

Lightbringers, grow not you weary! 

Break Powers of Impotence! 

Deny Inequities of Intolerance!

Free your Vibration!

Go to places your Soul Sparks!

Emerald Lake, Colorado w/ Violet.

We are here to ask

the questions

no one else is asking!

There is no Judgment!

There is no Dark Future!

There is only LIGHT

and gradients of its absence!

Emerald Lake, Colorado August 2021.



the Cosmic pathways!


past the

old Revelations.

Rino Arts District, Denver, Colorado. August 2021.

Your love upends

Egoic Ambitions

Your soul

speaks through 

Religious Cacophonies.

We Burn Walls

built by men and

Systemic Oppression!

Rino Arts District- Denver, Colorado.

Demolishing the Walls

We’ve Built

inside and

surrounding Ourselves!

Rino Arts, Denver, Colorado. August 2021.

Denver, Co- Santa Fe Arts District. August 2021.

In each breaking;

Parallel Promises 

Abound in your

Bright Future!

Mount Adams, Washington. August 2021.

Painter, You are broad strokes. 

You are the hero 

of your own life

You have every right 

to be on this planet.

You are the soul of Earth 

in human form.

Now Crack Your Acrylic Open!

The Future is Female, Violet, & Dara in Denver

Cheetah Power! Rino Arts District. Denver, Colorado.

Lana in an art gallery. August 2021. Denver, CO.

Seeker, come forward

walk out from your solitude!

This has been the year of 

Sirens Singing us 

the Subtle Signs.

Synchronicities are

Silent Directions

Guiding you through to

Your Higher Dimensions!

Me at Mount Adams, Washington. July 2021.

Humming, “Om mani padme hum,


amen” and-then

’round again.

Violet meditating at Rocky Mountain N.P.

There is no Judgment!

There is no Dark Future!

We are all just Stars,

Just Colors breathing.

Just Gradients between 

Momentary Absences 

of Light;

Going back ’round 

and to god Again.

Lana, me, Violet, and Dara. Denver, Colorado.

Shoshone Falls, Idaho; June 2021.

All things are

merging together 

into greater


Humming, “Om mani

padme hum

Tao te

and amen”

The whole world’s

Going back ‘rou



Rino Arts District, Denver, August 2021.

Dara and I at Underground Music Festival Denver, CO. August 2021.

Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park.

Me and Emily, Denver, Colorado’s

Dara and I, Underground Music festival. Denver, Colorado.

Mural, Santa Fe Arts District

Thank you for reading!! Have a great day!!!

Let Freedom Ring 07/04/20

Some men are

of the opinion

that God gave them Earth

to rule as their dominion.

Beasts to subdue Manifest lands to ravage Peace was slaughtered Its Peoples were called Savage.

Modern generations birthed

beneath fluorescent glows

God became irrelevant when man learned fire all his own.

But I’ve always felt more akin to Icarus

With dreams to melt the sun

Wax is just another Eucharist

to clip a caged child song.

Rhymes in fences reflect the hour

of frightened flocks

who wield white power.

Auschwitz, America

comes not for native, Black, or Jew.

Barbed wire have

spiritually enslaved those

who’ve paid the Devi’s due.

“Foxes are spoiling the vineyards

Oh help us, great Catcher in the sky!” Did you forget the thousands of charred and scarecrowed Titubas, Peoples’ ancestors unnamed & buried beneath White Rye? Does the cry for freedom not from within you call? His Blood is on the cross But You paid blood money to build a wall

Statues are crumbling

Systemic oppression will fall,

a billion voices are uttering, “justice for us all.”

My country,

This of thee Sweet land of inequality Of thee I sing

Land where their fathers died, land where their children cried,

from every township and capitol Every courtroom and classroom From every street corner

Detainment Center From the White House To the Halfway house From every person On every mountainside

Let Freedom Ring.

Bridal Veil Falls- Revisited

Orbits swirl through swans’ long nests
their ivory planets clothed in down.
Tens of talents left ungathered
pearl yolks- the taste of gold.
Revelations ripe abandoned
Miracles unhatched,
and fucking undersold.

Bridal Veil Falls- Revisited

Lost within an alpine forest

hours spent outside of sound.

Dawn breaks the night worm’s seeking

Life propelling ceaseless rounds.

Orbits swirl through swans’ long nests

their ivory planets clothed in down.

Tens of talents left ungathered

pearl yolks- the taste of gold.

Revelations ripe abandoned

Miracles unhatched,

and fucking undersold.

Was this all a fruitless offering?

Letters plucked a century too old?

Nets sliced opened to free a people

who recoil from every verb & noun.

Worms are born already banded

Why then, was my neck so also bound?

What becomes of unwed wearers

Of Hope broken from her shells?

Plumbed the farthest depths,

and I have braved the highest sails.

Who then weaves for free-born spirits,

Brides who never don their veils?

50,000 miles traveled

There is no where left around

30,000 dollars earned

All was spent to every pound.

20,000 worldwide-people met.

No one is bothered to be found.

I saw one red rose reaching through the snow.

Life always finds a way to rise above,

to thrive,

to astound.

From Queer to Some Eternity

I feel like I am fulfilling my purpose, that the muses flow through my penstrokes. I wrote a book that I am proud of, run-on sentences, and all. To what extent or success or dustbin acclaim it may achieve- I know not. I know it the fullness to where my path is leading, except I am tired and looking for a home, a bed, a mouth to belong.

The Yucatán and then America. Again, being pulled to the places I don’t quite desire to roam. But that night we swam, arms and limbs covered brightly in momentary bioluminescence. Our skin moving green and white diamonds- illuminated only within the shadows. Awestruck and exhilarating. I dived from the small night tour boat. My feet hit the mushy mud lurking beneath the Black Lagoon’s warm waters. Reviled by the odd texture and unknown dirt clinging between my toes. Swimming with bacterium that sparkle yet disgusted by the dark firmament of the Earth’s surface.

My heart feels ripped off, has this whole year’s quest been a long-con betrayal?

We’re all somewhere between the gutter and the stars.

Yet this is just temporary, it always is. I feel so close to a breakthrough or is it an elaborate route to a breakdown?

My soul’s song echoes between paper and mouse clicked pages. Tappings of fingers on digital tablets. Digital hearts and eyes- who will really read or hear any of them? We never truly see the fullness of a heart or it’s intent even when a boy or is sitting in front of you pouring out his truth in plaintive prose and polished meter.

The great unfolding of water unto sand and rock- the original parchment. How many stories have never been told? I am thankful for this moment, for this sharing. It is better to have been than to have not. I ask for a great unfurling within me to cast away all doubts. There’s no ship like that which now, yet exists.

The angels of this world glide by freely on wings delicate feathers and prismed scales, cherished by the wind. They pluck intestines from bellies. Sea gulls drop shells upon rocks to seize inside the tiny oyster pleasures. Wings moving on the clouds of hooked billed wings and royal robed proboscis. We are angels and demons, both. These same thoughts in words, repeating. Life flows from each crack. The lights brightly beaming from our inner scars.

I felt extreme gratitude, sat night-hammocked between two Palm trees. The joke’s nit most Mr. Galifinakis. Maybe the true nature of the Universe is personified by the humble master’s chuckle at our seemingly weighty troubles.

We all make much over fucking nothing- of bills being paid, towels hung in certain rows, raking our loved ones over graceless coals.

Don’t the anxious thoughts seems silly, now, seated on this beach, watching the mother show her child pebbles in the sand? Maybe that is where the Universe is leading me- to all of us. Our greatest joys are found within the simple joys, feathers, hiking in mountains with dogs, making your baby laugh, sharing happy moments with your best friends and lovers. us.

We are ever forgetful that our treasure reside, surround around & inside of us. Everything physical, thought or evolution which has become manifest, is an elaborate way to say, “I love, you.”

Gimme Shelter/Walking on Broken Glass

While here at this beautiful sea, during this time of ‘wait and see’, I published my first book- my life blood- 6 days ago. My wallet was stolen 2 weeks before, and while waiting for my 401 check to clear my physical possessions were sold off to strangers, 4 days ago.

I should’ve budgeted better and been more financially responsible, but a mental breakdown and night in jail weren’t accounted for in my ledger.

20,000 physical miles I have travelled since leaving Texas, this past scorching August.

So many things I am thankful for- quiet lush forest walks with deer, the American road stretched out before me, hope reveling in summer abundance. Some things I would change, words I would take back in a heartbeat- since leaving my career in June. This year has left me forever changed.

It already feels forever, a different person, a former life, ago.

Was it the right choice to have let most of my worldly goods be sold off, without asking for help? Do I make this quandary known? This sacrifice feels more personal than so much I’ve already laid bare to be seen, ignored, or judged by strangers, by friends, fake friends, and Fate.

I also thought I would have a home by now. The plan was to move to Portland, then later to San Francisco, or now is it to some obsequious city in the near future?

I am still in thankful disbelief brought, now that these words are finally printed in paper and on screen. In this experience of a lifetime, there have been many unintended sacrifices, shock, & endings along the way.

I didn’t plan to keep traveling for this long, and I bravely fear I may have made a huge mistake. Or have I set myself Even farther into the depths of liberation?

Dangling now, past the safety of coral reef and into the the open sea. Will we ever be truly free? Do the freed captives still carry within them a secret mark, a scar that unconsciously pervades each movement and step? Can others see the healed inner wounds? Sensing the tender hearts, Smelling the blood, chum bait for shark’s prey. We, who have been broken to pieces, bend more gently when reassembled.

Come tear my limbs, my life asunder. Aricnade, knit the web, strands only seen in the reflection of moon beams and dew drops. Is this seeking, this journeying forward assuring my future or ensuring financial disaster?

I need to space my words out. Need more lines to see clearly, and let breathe the sinews in great big gulps of waves upon the sand. Each Star a footprint, each life turning back into the sand and dust which comprise these fledgling bones. We are more than sands and bags of flesh.

The cruel twist of irony that our own beauty is hidden from us.

We live ensconced in mirrors, filters, and black screens. Never truly, justly reflects the beauty that lies within.

To what purpose, extent, do I reveal my hand? I feel more at ease laying out the flushes and the bluffs, heart on my sleeve, letting the confidence the judgment fall as it may. Thankful I have the time, the ability, the privilege to ask, to debate, contemplate, these words, these unnecessary projections. I am thankful for the ocean. For the glorious sunlight. Thankful for the birds, for butterflies, for winged things that set sail and fling themselves through Air and above the Earth.

Will I even heed my own advice- that there is always something more that there is always another way??

Is this the way I would’ve have chosen? Glass is hardened sand and both are illusions, after all. Neither death, or change do I fear, any longer. Whatever happens Gimme Shelter or Gimme Death.

I am thankful for the ocean. For the glorious sunlight. Thankful for the birds, for butterflies, for winged things that set sail and fling themselves through air, in waves, above the Earth. If Life has shown us and our frail eyes anything- always there will be something else, something more to come.