Brighter Diamonds on Haight-Ashbury

We block our light because we don’t believe in our own brilliance. We are more than cobwebbed echoes floating through eternal space. We are brighter diamonds, sparkling in the deep night sky. ✨✨

I moved to San Francisco 3 weeks ago and am filled with gratitude. The way that took me here has been winding, filled with adventure, and absolute heartache. But I’ve come to realize that we are the ones holding ourselves back from our horizons.

11/16/2021 Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco.

We block our light because we don’t believe in our own brilliance. We are more than cobwebbed echoes floating through eternal space. We are brighter diamonds, sparkling in the deep night sky. ✨✨

Love on Haight, San Francisco

We are vast beings beyond our physical bodies and minds. We are consciousness born anew every day. It’s startling to witness & difficult to understand. True being can only be lived wild and unfettered- out beyond our finite comprehension.

Freedom feels dangerous because we’ve been conditioned to fear the strength of our own dreams. The ways to awakening are before us at every moment.

In each attempt to create the best version of yourself you actually become that person. Through every act of conscious co-creation we bring Earth into greater expansion.

For we too will one day be buried, and all of this will have become so beautiful.

In that final moment what will your last thought be?

Perhaps we are here simply to guide each other along the conversation of life. Pieces and people come together when you are ready for them to be put into place. Inspiration arises organically when you surrender to your dreams. Walking every arduous step led you to now. 🔥

All of us is everything and everything is us. Separation is an illusion. Nothing is greater than being the love that changed you. Everything which came before was preparing the way to your calling. Become your full potential. That is how the light gets in. Go to where your destiny is taking you. That is how you change the world. 🖤🌈🌏❤️✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻🥰🙏✨

There is No Dark Future! 1

3 year bloggerversary! “There is No Dark Future!” We are brighter than ever! It’s kismet to be back in Colorado as several writing projects are rapidly spinning into fruition. Here again the journey wraps itself into ever-expanding circles of eccentric concentricity.

You see 4 years ago I heard a calling from my Higher self. Spirit bade me forward to my future. I listened. I followed it. I unexpectedly began writing the first chapter of “Break the Violent Fetters” while journaling in a Rocky Mountain stream.

I learned that the breakdowns were part of the break through. There were incredibly tough lessons and rich zeniths experienced since that time. And now I can say that I am better than I have ever been!

Nymph Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

Focus on where your expansion will take you. Never worry about the bends. We are one spirit sparkling in momentary bodies of stars, rivers, & friends.

I offer this poem for all seekers of hope and enlightenment. I can’t wait to share more of this wormhole summer wisdom with you!

East of Tibet, Boulder, Colorado

There is no Dark Future!

The Light has long since outshined!

For I have been made witness

to things we call “divine.”

UFO inside of Lenticular cloud, August 2021

My spirit was briefly spat out

beyond these earthly confines.

Past lives came back

to sing me the signs.

Tarot reading in Rino Arts, Denver, Colorado

“Free your vibration. 

Let your Free-quencies climb.

Ascend the stardust ladders

past your temporary minds. 

You exist beyond

the bounds mortality defines.”

Rocky Mountain National Park, August 2021

Life’s veiled secrets are spillin’

out for all whom wish to find.

Pour the grapes of truth

from the ageless fount of wines.

We are not lone beings

strung on a planetary vine.

And on my soul’s sabbatical

I didn’t expect to find.

“Unconditional love must be radical.”

Beyond things like space and time.

Words are keys to portals

We are the eternal Rhyme.

Dara and I at Rino Arts District Denver

Violet and I at Rocky Mountain National Park!

I am excited to continue sharing of knowledge, unlocking of mysteries and the writing I’ve been working on during this summer! Trust that while on your dark or wayward paths- you are brought one step closer to your brighter futures.

Violet and Dara

Lana at Santa Fe Arts District Denver

Emily at Rino Art District, Denver, Colorado

Lana, Violet, Dara, & me in Denver Art District

Rino Arts District, Denver

Boulder, Colorado

Express Yourself, Respect Yourself, Baby!

There’s a freedom to be who you are in Portland and it’s sacred. This city is unlike any place I’ve lived. The overall ethos of the city is to live with respect and communion with all people and harmony with the Earth, without pigeonholing everyone into tidy labels and categories. That’s one reason why this city (and so many others) are ready to come together to helping other people, communities, social groups.

If it’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander 😅

Speaking out against oppression and refusing the status quo has been a hallmark of Portland’s overall championing of social justice and human rights in various domains. The added bonus of empowering others gives one a new sense of ownership in their own lives.

Facing down police brutality and calling out fascism with thousands of like-minded people emboldens even millions more to physically and mentally stand up to corruption and agents in many facets of society.

It’s helping many of us grow and retrain our private thoughts and actions in our personal lives.

You cannot grow in the same place that forced you to expand.

And if you are not growing it will be very hard to stay in complete balance. Too often contentedness leads to complacency with apathy not too far behind. One begins to wither, grow bitter, or blameful without continual observation, discussion, and contemplation. We must tend and cultivate our inner gardens even when they are not in beautiful luscious blooms of life.

Until recently I realized I still had/have shame of owning or talking about the sexual aspects of my sexuality. Though I am gay and proud of it- many of us have been conditioned through the lens of cis-gendered hetero-normative White Christian practices and policies.

We have been culturally manipulated by the Church, as a whole, to believe that our sexual organs are to be hidden- tucked away. The act of sex is restricted to procreation and otherwise is condemned and mostly immoral.

We are shamed out of acting upon our innate biological drives. The reproductive organs of our physical form are shamed due to cultural and religious mores that have caused women and so many other people groups shamed out of not only being comfortable in our own bodies.

For Black people, and Indigenous and People of color they are shamed, generationally oppressed, and persecuted just for the color and melanin of their skin.

The falling away of stifled and unnecessary cultural mores- of even the ability just to be free from the constrains of clothing in Oregon & other places in the world has given many people (self included) a new ownership in many areas of our lives.

Especially where owning the physical and sexual ascpects of myself proudly and without fear of breaking rigid taboos that seem so silly and antiquated now.

The more comfortable one is with themselves the more they able to make spaces for others to feel safe and also express their individuality.

Symbiotic relationships aren’t just relegated to sea creatures and cute orange fish with a short fin. We exist in constant feedback loops- of a taking in new information, processing that information, and our reaction is a result of variables and life experiences that cause us to grow, shrink away in timidity, recoil in disgust, aid in oppression, or revolt against tyrannies.

The broadening and active efforts to achieve social equality, championing of human rights, and equity across is all tribes, races sexual orientations, gender identities, polyamorous and many more identities and lifestyles embolden each one of us to embrace our own selves and elevate to a higher aspect of ourselves.

To Those who are struggling with your sexuality, gender, coming to terms with a non-heteronormative identity. I truly hope you will find yourself. You are worth living your truest life.

Follow your inner guidance- your life is your own. The Earth is ready to teach us the true power of humanity.

We must first accept that power for ourselves and not be afraid to treat yourself right, Express yourself, Show it off and show yourself and others a sustainably respectful good time.

Fast Slow Disco part 2

Through the healing process you begin to breathe. You accept the fact that some things in your life will never change. You cannot take back what happened especially things that never should have occurred and heartbreaks never meant to be inflicted.

But you move forward with gratitude for the beauty and people planted in your life. The light you allow in begins to overflow to all and everyone who surrounds you.

Still your life doesn’t feel real in some ways. The one who came before you feels like a foreigner. You fear the other shoe is going to dropkick you. You become hesitant to trust others, to trust life- even though you know that it’s always worked out in the past. Life’s inherent nature lies in its ability to cycle. #bikelife 😆

I’ve gotten through the hardest parts of this past year by pretending it wasn’t me living through states of disgrace.

I’ve been partially ready to run my whole life. But now I fucking get why foster kids I work with do exactly that. Because what if this person does love you and this part of your life works out only for it to all go away again?

Everything exists within a state of constant flux and flexible stability. Change and not getting lost in the change is part of the process. Being rooted in oneself makes room for whatever else is coming next. Be it life, puberty, rock ‘n roll, or death.

It seems some people have had perfect lives and don’t understand what it’s like to lose, be awkward, to be dealing w/ secret burdens and shame.

Stability can appear easier for people who have the means to root themselves- mentally, physically, interpersonally, financially.

The Steadfast Souls, the most genuine people are often the ones who have wrestled and laid down with their conquered demons. How can anything shake you when you’ve been torn asunder and brought to a better life again?

It’s not our job to sort out the perceived versions of other people for none of us really even know our own selves fully. We can’t rail against or compare our lives to those who seem like some they have figured it out from day one. Because comparisons only foster resentment to ourselves and those we are judging. 

The real version of ourselves is whoever continually shows up. And it sucks when the person you’re being is far from who you know you have been who you want to be. All one can do is take it day by day and offer grace instead of self-condemnation and bad self talk because your present reality is all you got.

I don’t know what it’s like to wake up next to same person every day and have children but I’m starting to like myself when I wake up. You are not being selfish by not settling.

Sometimes you go on journeys where there is literally not one other person who could have traveled that path home but yourself and by yourself. Trust me, it won’t be like that forever.

When you experience a lot of life-changing things it takes a while for it to settle down, to feel real. It feels like everything is just going to drop again. You kind of get used to living in chaos. When things settle down it’s almost like you become accustomed to difficult situations.

As a social worker, I’ve been trained to sit with someone else’s trauma while they’re in it. I know how trauma affects you more so than ever because I’m still wading through my own. In some ways I feel totally free and authentic, yet I have also become a stranger to myself.

Is that part of the change? Is it normal to always feel in flux? Don’t people eventually settle down? Will that ever happen for me one day?

Closing yourself to love is like closing the windows of a room on a vibrant spring day like quelling wind from the mountain side. Stealing life and draining it away until you become hollow; a carbon copy of the human you used to be.

At times I do wonder if this move was worth it all. Yet I would have also betrayed myself for not following the call which changed my life.

Above all the wandering soul cannot betray their call to adventure for long. The wild hope of wanderlust always beats beneath our flesh carried by metal wings slicing the sky (our hearts) open.

Nothin’ But Time part 1

It’s almost been one year since embarking on the eloquent adventure/disaster that changed the landscape of my life. I keep coming back to Mount St. Helens- a mountain who is no stranger to spewing new effigies upon the land.

It’s the geographically closest and most accessible of the great 5 mountain peaks of I now live by. The gem of the PNW mountain range has now been reduced to 2/3 of its original height and glory. Magma began filling the mountain increasing its mass for a year and eventually reaching 400 yards a day prior to the explosion. How oddly relatable.

Mt. Saint Helens Before & after 1980 eruption

The pressure rose in St. Helens’ until that fateful day in 1980 when this sleeping giant hurled lava, pulverized rock, a side of the mountain outwards, killing 57 people, melting several glaciers and created the largest mudslide ever recorded.  Calamities millions of years in the making only took seconds to raze foundations entire ecosystems and collapse empires.

Yet 40 years later this mountain is now replenishing itself. Life is returning with hundreds of new habitats, ponds, and waterways in this ancient place.  

Which version of Mt. Saint Helens is the real mountain?  A gem reduced to ashes. An antagonistic foe looming in the distance biding time until its next eruption? A ticking-time bomb drowsing until the pressure builds to a crescendo and Saint Helens wildly flings destruction to all in its vicinity? A haven for life, a peak which glacier water flows down providing the source of many rivers? A mother, a place of beauty, a liability a home?

Are you the you who had it all together or are you now the person that is left after blasting your life into fragments? Are you something else altogether?Each perspective is valid but binary conclusions fail us so much of the time. The mountain, the aftermath, the you before and after are all of those things the good, the ugly, and the authentic self.

The volcano where I was unknowingly rapid cycling through a manic-depressive breakdown is also the mountain that has brought me back to life. A cataclysm of eroding glaciers within oneself.

Just as this mountain has done countless times over the centuries. Re-shaping and forging the land through destruction and setting the stage for new creations. Sometimes caused by brutal natural calamities, at the hands of others, at the hands of yourself.

Nature vs. nature is an antiquated paradigm. For It is within nature we find nourishment and true being as we have since time began.

The more we connect to the Earth the more we begin to connect to our truest selves. The false self begins to peel away the false self the egoic nature craving and never at peace.

You realize aspects of your personal identity – the job, the relationships, the home, coping mechanisms, habits, and patterns of self were aspects of the false-self. How many of us cling to externalities to validate and explain who we are?

The egoic nature craves and screeches to satiate desires- to fulfill the idealized version of yourself. Buddha said, suffering is caused by desire. Suffering is also caused by looking for things outside of us to determine our self-worth.

The dizzying thrill of an unrealized manic high was exhilarating. I felt like a rockstar. Everything all my dreams were within reach and anything was possible. Nothing and no one could stop me. Mania is the closest thing to being a superhero and a supervillian at the same time.

Mania mirrors some narcissistic qualities. Writing a book that partially included my life was misinterpreted by some as overly ambitious or egotistical. Those who judged my first book as a vanity affair didn’t even crack the cover.

Yet my personal worth began to be increasingly tied to social media, gaining followers to build a writing platform, and with each gain I began validating myself and experiences with things outside of myself. But mania causes a sort of inner Stockholm Syndrome daring you into climbing stratosphere’s into mountain peaks you would not dare to travel in your right mind.

And when it all stops and you’re left to confront the emptiness and then to build your life the way you really want it. With the first step, the first trickles of snowmelt you begin again. If you’re still alive you still have time to forge the life you want.

When you’ve reached bottom the only way is up from there. We finally start seeking out the people, places, activities & thoughts that are good for us the more we believe in our own worth.

Sometimes it takes losing everything to find who and what is really worth fighting for. And eventually time will reveal the things, the people, the mountains left standing after the dust has settled. You’ll be surprised about how much remains and how much space you have to gain.

Break the Violent Fetters- Free Amazon E-book- this weekend only!

The new year’s as queer as this lagoon is clear! 😆🦄 Amazon’s allowing “Break the Violent Fetters” e-book to be sold for FREE starting midnight until, 1/7!! Hope this book inspires you on your journeys! Link-

The new year’s as queer as this lagoon is clear! 😆🦄 Amazon’s allowing “Break the Violent Fetters” e-book to be sold for FREE starting midnight until, 1/7!! Hope this book inspires you on your journeys! Link right here- Link-

Excerpted from Chapter 11- Let There Be Life

“It was through the beauty of nature & clarity of meditation that I came back to believing in a great union of connectedness between all beings. Emptying the egoic self in mindfulness even for a few seconds is the clearest I’ve ever felt. Meditation is like a prayer lit by the Universe sparking your mind into a blissful presence of being aware of consciousness and confounded by simultaneously forgetting that awareness.

This is what a light year must feel like coursing 756,000 miles an hour through space. It’s like where all the drugs, booze, or dancing is trying to bring us into. We have to booze the lover into our beds just to spill them out by morning. This is the pulse that the Universe is beating to, as if I’m thrusting my hips to a multidimensional rhythm.

The enjoyment of living must be why we are here, or why else would humans keep coming? For those who understand & live the wonder of our lives, it is our responsibility to shine a light on the paths for those who are still struggling- just as so many have lit our paths before us.

Birth is a beautifully painful event, & we don’t remember it. We are plants bursting through soil. That initial thrust into the earth must have been excruciating, but so deeply satisfying. If suffering was the true nature of life then why does Life continue to perpetuate? It is of profound detriment to all- for one not to tell their story before it is completed. To doubt that you do not also have a specific work to do to is of a profound detriment to the entire Universe.

Through natural disasters & loss of entire species- Life still abounds in the most unlikely places. Have you ever heard of Earth?”

Brand New Person or Same old Mistakes?

I lied about not being afraid. Not on purpose, because I truly wasn’t afraid to leave everything behind and embark on this journey. I’m laying in a hammock- realizing I planned to have a home, physical possessions, royalties, a new life to return to and won’t have any of it. At least I have this moment this beautiful azure lagoon.

In the pursuit of finishing my first book, my life’s mission- to help others’ know their worth and that we are all miracles- I lost focus of a few things- financially and otherwise.

Was it worth it all? I have said that it was, but now, it’s too soon to tell. Likes don’t translate to $, or birds and books, a message of hope- in hand.

The start of 2019 finds me starting again, from scratch in some ways. For those who have started again & again- we restart- smarter, more focused & with new goals to achieve.

Or am I just a Brand New Person making the same old mistakes?

I put my all of my eggs in one basket, and the realization that it may have been for nought looms very real. I have a couple eggs left. I have more than that, honestly. For those of us who have all 5 senses- that is a blessing. We have a bed to sleep on, at least for tonight. There is no war on our front doorstep- in a literal sense. Those who reading this post probably have much more going for you than not.

It would be easier, in some ways, to throw in the towel. To call it quits. To say my life is forfeit. That would undo all the work I’ve done. The message of strength and self-acceptance after leaving religious and societal teachings would ring hollow. The egoic, fear-based nature I’ve shed so much of finds itself creeping back when faced with the realization that I may have failed.

Writing is what motivates me and enflames my passions, but have I sacrificed it all in vain?

What if only a handful read this book, or my next one? What if nobody cares? Am I just re-lighting candles that are already lit?

The temptation to remain paralyzed in fear, regret, shame is illusory but is always an option. I’ve lived that way before, for years at times. Living like this would be worse than anything else that has happened. It would make me feel more incomplete than any misstep and mistake that has been taken.

Or- I can swallow my pride, take care of business, and start again.

This whole journey was made in the hopes of fulfilling a purpose I felt called, pushed towards. The life I was living was fine, but it was no longer serving me. Why did I have to want more? Was it brave or foolish to wreck it all? What if none of this works out? Did I waste and frivolously invest my time, life’s savings, & passions? Perhaps I did. Maybe this was all in vain. I cannot change any of that now. What’s done is done, now “onto the next one,” as Dave Grohl famously admonished.

We must start where we are at. For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Start smarter, not harder, is the best way forward. Still, this feels more like a backtrack. A retracing of steps and an unsureness of the next ones.

Our mindsets dictate our present and what we do in our present realities dictates our futures. For better or worse.

Fear is an opinion based on current circumstances, and does nothing to serve our futures. Even when it’s nebulous. Even when we feel our lives are pulling us apart, fear blocks all that is good and all we have been working towards. So, like the possessions, the city, the career, the relationships I have let go of or vice versa, like the Fetters I have broken, I loose the fear and let it go.

The afternoon sun is shining behind the swiftly passing clouds. The sun and wind at one in an ancient dance, evaporating the clouds in the sky. I shine a light into the shadows of my mind, into the places I feel fear, people and circumstances who have failed me, my own inattention to important details, and they start fading away.

All of the things we have or haven’t done and the judgment we place upon ourselves all exist in the mind. We live in the present, and we can observe our surroundings and find gratitude or condemnation. Our thoughts are not realities in the physical world.

Nature does not judge us. Nature is an aspect of a higher planetary connectedness of ecosystems. We are part of this Earth. Humans have their own interconnected ecosystems called societies, and in those places each one of us plays a part.

We all have a role, a piece to offer in this cosmic jigsaw melting-pot.

But I’m not really sure what that looks like for me, anymore.

After some quiet introspection, days/weeks of reflection- I’m letting go of the fear and guilt. This moment is all we really have. We get to choose what we think and what we do with this time. I’m not sure what is ahead but ahead is all we have. I choose to follow what serves me and what serves the greater whole. And if I messed up that’s okay. We get the choice to start again or stay the course, for life or things that are of death. Today is the first day of 2019.

I am choosing to start renewed again, hopefully for the better and not for worse. A brand new person with brand new mistakes, brand new adventures, relationships, opportunities to create and discover.

From Queer to Some Eternity

I feel like I am fulfilling my purpose, that the muses flow through my penstrokes. I wrote a book that I am proud of, run-on sentences, and all. To what extent or success or dustbin acclaim it may achieve- I know not. I know it the fullness to where my path is leading, except I am tired and looking for a home, a bed, a mouth to belong.

The Yucatán and then America. Again, being pulled to the places I don’t quite desire to roam. But that night we swam, arms and limbs covered brightly in momentary bioluminescence. Our skin moving green and white diamonds- illuminated only within the shadows. Awestruck and exhilarating. I dived from the small night tour boat. My feet hit the mushy mud lurking beneath the Black Lagoon’s warm waters. Reviled by the odd texture and unknown dirt clinging between my toes. Swimming with bacterium that sparkle yet disgusted by the dark firmament of the Earth’s surface.

My heart feels ripped off, has this whole year’s quest been a long-con betrayal?

We’re all somewhere between the gutter and the stars.

Yet this is just temporary, it always is. I feel so close to a breakthrough or is it an elaborate route to a breakdown?

My soul’s song echoes between paper and mouse clicked pages. Tappings of fingers on digital tablets. Digital hearts and eyes- who will really read or hear any of them? We never truly see the fullness of a heart or it’s intent even when a boy or is sitting in front of you pouring out his truth in plaintive prose and polished meter.

The great unfolding of water unto sand and rock- the original parchment. How many stories have never been told? I am thankful for this moment, for this sharing. It is better to have been than to have not. I ask for a great unfurling within me to cast away all doubts. There’s no ship like that which now, yet exists.

The angels of this world glide by freely on wings delicate feathers and prismed scales, cherished by the wind. They pluck intestines from bellies. Sea gulls drop shells upon rocks to seize inside the tiny oyster pleasures. Wings moving on the clouds of hooked billed wings and royal robed proboscis. We are angels and demons, both. These same thoughts in words, repeating. Life flows from each crack. The lights brightly beaming from our inner scars.

I felt extreme gratitude, sat night-hammocked between two Palm trees. The joke’s nit most Mr. Galifinakis. Maybe the true nature of the Universe is personified by the humble master’s chuckle at our seemingly weighty troubles.

We all make much over fucking nothing- of bills being paid, towels hung in certain rows, raking our loved ones over graceless coals.

Don’t the anxious thoughts seems silly, now, seated on this beach, watching the mother show her child pebbles in the sand? Maybe that is where the Universe is leading me- to all of us. Our greatest joys are found within the simple joys, feathers, hiking in mountains with dogs, making your baby laugh, sharing happy moments with your best friends and lovers. us.

We are ever forgetful that our treasure reside, surround around & inside of us. Everything physical, thought or evolution which has become manifest, is an elaborate way to say, “I love, you.”

Gimme Shelter/Walking on Broken Glass

While here at this beautiful sea, during this time of ‘wait and see’, I published my first book- my life blood- 6 days ago. My wallet was stolen 2 weeks before, and while waiting for my 401 check to clear my physical possessions were sold off to strangers, 4 days ago.

I should’ve budgeted better and been more financially responsible, but a mental breakdown and night in jail weren’t accounted for in my ledger.

20,000 physical miles I have travelled since leaving Texas, this past scorching August.

So many things I am thankful for- quiet lush forest walks with deer, the American road stretched out before me, hope reveling in summer abundance. Some things I would change, words I would take back in a heartbeat- since leaving my career in June. This year has left me forever changed.

It already feels forever, a different person, a former life, ago.

Was it the right choice to have let most of my worldly goods be sold off, without asking for help? Do I make this quandary known? This sacrifice feels more personal than so much I’ve already laid bare to be seen, ignored, or judged by strangers, by friends, fake friends, and Fate.

I also thought I would have a home by now. The plan was to move to Portland, then later to San Francisco, or now is it to some obsequious city in the near future?

I am still in thankful disbelief brought, now that these words are finally printed in paper and on screen. In this experience of a lifetime, there have been many unintended sacrifices, shock, & endings along the way.

I didn’t plan to keep traveling for this long, and I bravely fear I may have made a huge mistake. Or have I set myself Even farther into the depths of liberation?

Dangling now, past the safety of coral reef and into the the open sea. Will we ever be truly free? Do the freed captives still carry within them a secret mark, a scar that unconsciously pervades each movement and step? Can others see the healed inner wounds? Sensing the tender hearts, Smelling the blood, chum bait for shark’s prey. We, who have been broken to pieces, bend more gently when reassembled.

Come tear my limbs, my life asunder. Aricnade, knit the web, strands only seen in the reflection of moon beams and dew drops. Is this seeking, this journeying forward assuring my future or ensuring financial disaster?

I need to space my words out. Need more lines to see clearly, and let breathe the sinews in great big gulps of waves upon the sand. Each Star a footprint, each life turning back into the sand and dust which comprise these fledgling bones. We are more than sands and bags of flesh.

The cruel twist of irony that our own beauty is hidden from us.

We live ensconced in mirrors, filters, and black screens. Never truly, justly reflects the beauty that lies within.

To what purpose, extent, do I reveal my hand? I feel more at ease laying out the flushes and the bluffs, heart on my sleeve, letting the confidence the judgment fall as it may. Thankful I have the time, the ability, the privilege to ask, to debate, contemplate, these words, these unnecessary projections. I am thankful for the ocean. For the glorious sunlight. Thankful for the birds, for butterflies, for winged things that set sail and fling themselves through Air and above the Earth.

Will I even heed my own advice- that there is always something more that there is always another way??

Is this the way I would’ve have chosen? Glass is hardened sand and both are illusions, after all. Neither death, or change do I fear, any longer. Whatever happens Gimme Shelter or Gimme Death.

I am thankful for the ocean. For the glorious sunlight. Thankful for the birds, for butterflies, for winged things that set sail and fling themselves through air, in waves, above the Earth. If Life has shown us and our frail eyes anything- always there will be something else, something more to come.