Chain-Chain Change Part 2

While tethered to the canyon’s chain, I had a realization. We spend half of our lives deprogramming ourselves from the bogus agendas of lack-based mentalities. Now that more of us are coming to know this- we have a chance to create the life which works for us, the greater part of human civilization, and all living creatures upon & inside Earth.

There is more knowledge readily available to humans now than there has been in any other time in recorded history. Yet our cultures are not up to speed with the technological breakthroughs which have come at such an advanced pace. The proliferation of hints about misinformation are almost worse than the actual misinformation itself.

Propaganda from all sides keep pointing out false ideologies. Take your pick of conspiracy theories du jour.

A problem with taking in so much information is that we don’t know where all to put it. It’s easier just force people into camps, and baskets of good, bad, and deplorable. There’s way too much beauty to squeeze between constricting binaries.

We praise logic and lucidity when it matches up with the general consensus of the day. Scientists and theologians start out with the intent to discover something new or to come to greater understanding of their chosen discipline.

Yet many observers, of both spiritual and scientific leanings, tend to become status-quo maintainers of knowledge instead of advancing its possibilities further. It’s Plato’s Cave and we’re just living in it!

In his famous allegory, The Cave, Plato presents several chained prisoners who are forced to look at a fire casting shadows/images reflected on the back of a cave wall. He said, “On the walls of the cave, only shadows are truth.” We see mere reflections of the Forms- beauty, truth, life but do not actually ever see “Truth,” “Love,” “Mercy,” as they exist on their own. Everything is just a reflection of an ideal and we cast our own assumptions, experiences, desires and label it good, love, bad, or wrong.

It’s been proven throughout all of history that those in power attempt to maintain that power by adhering to the science and religion that best benefits the perpetuation of that culture’s ideals and motivations.

We keep repeating belief in this societal manipulation due to being conditioned since birth. Each succeeding generation is born to this cultural amnesia. But if we are not aware or learn from the previous mistakes then it always leads to our collective downfall.

We never really know in life other than what we decide to cobble together and construct from other peoples memories. From sciences and art: both primitive and fine. Our broader realities are formed by the collective human experience.

It is our choice to create the reality we want to live in or we can choose to live in the one which men and women who lived thousands of years ago in a specific geographical time and place said when the scope of complete science was small. 2021 CE and we’re still discovering new species and habitats every day.

We are to press forward with the knowledge which has brought us to now and where our human ideals are taking us- in diverse unity. Whether we go willing or with a fight is for us to figure out together.

But as for me and my house we shall serve the Highest Good, the Ultimate Form, God, The Buddha, The Universal directive to love all beings unconditionally and accept the grace that this is mostly impossible in this time and space.

Out here you see the Earth for who she is without a facade. Rugged, unyielding, resilient. Life goes to incredible extremes to exist.

Without the assurance of trees, water, and trappings of civilization you also see yourself for who you really are.

The desert teaches anyone who takes time to be present with her. You find love that transcends the physical and material world. A love that one must take time to observe, to appreciate, desire and allow for all humankind.

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