Let Freedom Ring!

Some men are

of the opinion

that God gave them Earth

to rule as their dominion.

Beasts to subdue

Manifest lands to ravage

Peace was slaughtered

Its Peoples were called Savage.

Modern generations birthed

beneath fluorescent glows

God became irrelevant

when man learned fire all his own.

But I’ve always felt more

akin to Icarus

With dreams to melt the sun

Wax is just another Eucharist

to clip a child’s caged song.

Rhymes in fences

reflect the hour:

Christ’s frightened flocks-

whom wield white power.

Auschwitz, America

comes not for Native, Gay, Black, or Jew.

Barbed wire spiritually enslaves

those who’ve paid the Devil’s due.

“Foxes are spoiling the vineyards

Oh help us, great Catcher in the sky!”

Did you forget the thousands of charred and scarecrowed Titubas,

Peoples’ ancestors unnamed & buried beneath White Rye?

Does the cry for freedom

not from within you also call?

His Blood is on the cross

But You paid blood money

to build a wall!

Your Statues are crumbling

Your Systemic oppression will fall!

a billion voices are uttering,

“Let Freedom Ring



My country,

This of thee

Land of inequality

Of thee I sing

Land where their fathers died,

land where their children cried,

from every township and capitol

Every courtroom and classroom

From every street corner

from every city town and capitol

Every courtroom and classroom

From every street corner and ocean

From the White House

To the Halfway house

From every person

On every mountainside

and beyond

We are letting Freedom

truly Ring.

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