Quarantine and Chilled

Can you believe it’s been a month since the US quarantines began? Though we’re very much affected by everything going on- we’re not as much in freak out mode as we were. We’ve become a bit more adjusted to a world who has shuddered its doors and is staying home working on hobbies. #grandmavibes

You may be going a little stir-cray, in need of a new do, a paycheck, a lay, a hospital room, essential needs met- we’ve mostly come to accept the present realities and future uncertainties. Perhaps we are collectively living in the present moment more than we ever have in centuries. Deepak and Eckhart Tolle be praised.

It’s almost poetic justice that a virus, something we cannot see, invisible to the naked eye and imperceptible to the 5 senses has shuddered the world’s doors.

More people are tuning into healthcare & societal problems because now America is finally dealing with systemic issues & injustices that haven’t been working for DECADES.

It wasn’t until the world literally stopped, people were awakened to what marginalized and dependent members of society have to deal with every day.

As a social worker I’ve been advocating for vulnerable children and adults for 8 years. The disruptions we are experiencing are situations people who barely make ends meet go through all the time.

Systemic oppression infiltrates all segments of society. Abuse and neglect happen in every class and people group.

However, the historically oppressed and financially marginalized are the groups significantly affected by the institutional, civil, and political inequalities within America. And who bears the consequences of this imbalanced system?

Those enjoying the spoils of accumulated generational wealth and consolidation of power aren’t getting a midnight knock on their door from law enforcement and CPS.

The people being squeezed out of their neighborhoods, losing benefits, & falling through the cracks of our highly manicured IG feeds are the ones getting doubled down on oppression and blame.


I’ve tried to add my small two cents writing about the decades-spanning systemic inequalities and foundational problems Bernie, Warren and many other less political figures talk about. Okay, I’m not an economist. I can barely file my taxes but it doesn’t take someone long to see-

The global economy and American industry policies are built with a consumption mentality that only works if it never stops. One now everyone is starting to see is wholly unfair & unsustainable.

We never stop producing, never stop buying, just keep Swiping and Priming until the next person, online deal, designer purse, or man-kini gets your jollies off. (Hopefully there’s not too much of a market for the last example- but no judgment here, bb!) It seems resources will last forever because they appear ubiquitous.

Can’t help but think how symbolic it is that we’ve been undone by lack of toilet paper & face-masks. We are actually having to deal with our literal shit in a way we haven’t had to as a planet maybe ever before.

All it took was a virus to shudder the Earth and make politicians work for the people. Think about how much more we could intentionally do to better ourselves and the world than has a virus?

Now, that we collectively are on pause we have the time to mediate, express gratitude, isolate, re-examine how we are doing things as a society, as companies, as a family, as individuals. In this “Waiting” is our time to recalibrate, focus, & get ready to begin. And we will get through this!

It’s been bizarre and shocking that basically everyone in the world is experiencing a glimpse of what many people and some of the clients I work with experience most every day. It’s almost an echo, a not-too-distant reminder of when I unexpectedly hit the hardest fall of my life.

As bars, restaurants, salons, gyms, and school classrooms closed their doors, as hospital rooms are filled to capacity, as people are sick and dying; as my friends, my mother, our neighbors, our roommates are struggling to make ends meet; as we grow weary of social distancing; as nations and agencies are scrambling each day on how to react, coordinate resources, direct agencies and address the populace;

As I continue to work at an essential job as the world is losing its collective shit; Part of me wonders, “am I doing enough to help others?” And another thinks “of course this is happening after I just started to get mine back together.” Got 99 problems and irony ain’t one. 😂

After a whirlwind of travel and writing in 2018, I experienced social isolation, was battered with mental health issues, jobless with finances dwindling, temporarily living with family, and tempted by suicidal ideations at the beginning of 2019.

I also had 2 months to sit with myself; to examine and ruminate to see the ugly and beautiful truths about my actions, motivations, and desires, to form a new plan for my life.

Not to mention a whole lot of masturbation, self-care, Netflix & chill. Because of similar hardships many are facing now, I am becoming the best version of my highest self and my hope is the same for each person too.


How can we be taught to “look within” when our society doesn’t value physical, emotional & mental health? We’ve been fighting for those basic rights in a country where justice/prosperity are to be for all.

Instead we are lulled away from our dreams & introspection, to quit speaking up for our rights and for other humans because “it’s not going to happen anyway.”

We have collectively been way out of sync for decades. The faster production and consumption speed up, the more strain and wear we have put upon Nature, each-other, and our souls.

Sometimes we have to be humbled to move forward in the direction that is in balance with the rest of our lives, our Earth, our futures.

When there is no way out you go inward. You ruminate in the deepest parts of yourself. Fleshing out the bitter roots in order to intentionally create the life you want- one that actually works for your highest good and for all humanity.





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