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Excerpted from Chapter 11- Let There Be Life

“It was through the beauty of nature & clarity of meditation that I came back to believing in a great union of connectedness between all beings. Emptying the egoic self in mindfulness even for a few seconds is the clearest I’ve ever felt. Meditation is like a prayer lit by the Universe sparking your mind into a blissful presence of being aware of consciousness and confounded by simultaneously forgetting that awareness.

This is what a light year must feel like coursing 756,000 miles an hour through space. It’s like where all the drugs, booze, or dancing is trying to bring us into. We have to booze the lover into our beds just to spill them out by morning. This is the pulse that the Universe is beating to, as if I’m thrusting my hips to a multidimensional rhythm.

The enjoyment of living must be why we are here, or why else would humans keep coming? For those who understand & live the wonder of our lives, it is our responsibility to shine a light on the paths for those who are still struggling- just as so many have lit our paths before us.

Birth is a beautifully painful event, & we don’t remember it. We are plants bursting through soil. That initial thrust into the earth must have been excruciating, but so deeply satisfying. If suffering was the true nature of life then why does Life continue to perpetuate? It is of profound detriment to all- for one not to tell their story before it is completed. To doubt that you do not also have a specific work to do to is of a profound detriment to the entire Universe.

Through natural disasters & loss of entire species- Life still abounds in the most unlikely places. Have you ever heard of Earth?”

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