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December 2018

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First Book (about Coming Out in the South) gets published on Tuesday! 😍🙌

Surf’s up, shirt’s off! I submitted my first book to Amazon, last night, and it will be published on Tuesday 😀🙃. It took a tumultuous, exhilarating, soul-defining  year-and-a-half to write, “Break the Violent Fetters: Life Beyond the Closet and the Pulpit.” But it has taken a lifetime of experiences,  of identities, ideas, self-doubt, coming out, and finally self-acceptance that have shaped my journey.

Puerto Escondido, Mèxico- December 14, 2018

Whatever happens next, whether it’s a flop or a success, whether it helps anyone or is trashbinned into the literary abyss- I have grown, stressed, cried more, laughed more, trusted the Universe more, and found my authentic self within these penstrokes and revisiting the difficult years which honed me.

I hope the words, poems, photographs, in this narrative bring you clarity, hope, and confidence to pursue your truest life. And if none of that happens, I can rest knowing my story will live on forever, or as long as the world keeps spinning. There is always more to come. There is always another way. That’s all that I, that we can ever really hope for.

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