This Harvest Of Woman Born (Part Two)

#tbt last year. For my mom & all moms this Thanksgiving, abroad. “Harvest of Woman Born.” Part 2- ✨❤️

Mary and Gaia, Tierra, Lucinda, Earth

Your tears, the melting glaciers, spill from your cheek mountains

Cascading down through all realms where life and lives abound.

A farmer plants his seeds knowing in time green stalks will rise.

Bury your worries in the secret garden

Herbs burst from soil, strong and unbaptized

In time fall wind blows away all blooms

Your children thrive in houses and streetsides.

Each a thread woven in a street beggars’ looms.

Our blood is mixed with your’s flowing and entwined

as an ancient fermented wine these streams have flown born in eons before our own.

Through thousands of lines Children, birds, & trees

keep finding a different way to shine.

In this Autumn Harvest our bound eyes now open.

We give bounties of thanks

For the plenty for women, grandmothers, and weavers,

Aunts and sisters, presidents and teachers

gratitude to the cosmic and Earthly mothers

For while these long gone years your sacred tears, kept flooding forth

Inside we once were, Before we leapt, Inside you we slept, We, this harvest of woman born, bring abundance

Stretching tall like

Redwood forests. Beyond generations

Of clay and mortal dust.

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