A Psalm Across America/ A Poem (Part 2 of 2)

A cry ripples

through America

No howl

Or scream

This mute witness

Coursing through lush valley

Past dodgy domestic

bedroom violence

while the

caged bird dreams.

Is her song of glory or

A banquet of reprieve?

We hear the song

the heart beats on

never to see

strong hands who wrote it.

Forests stretch their limbs

miles across the nation

Will there still be purple mountains left to qwell our great longing?

For unity


A new wholeness

Taking hold on gritty streets

in Dallas

the blessed

barrios of Fort Worth.

I saw fields of Saguaro

growing in Arizona

still, but vigil,

Fields of cacti

with buds, the beginning of ams

They are our soldiers,

The Earth- our brothers and

sisters in arms & waterfalls.

Let them grow to enfold us

When we can’t

unfold our own.

Fighting for the

most vulnerable

is the duty of everyone

who is strong & able to help.

If one of us lay weak

how can any one be truly free?

This Sojourn to discover truth

dismantled justice

Tears littered through landscapes

I’ve cried the grief of beauty

and desolation of silence w/o abandon.

I saw America for her beauty,

In jeweled mountains,

unadorned prairie deserts.

I think I found myself

Or we maybe found

each other.

Our forgiveness

Echoed in illuminated sunsets

Emblazoning sky

And weary hearts

with the madness of

abundant joy.

I howled with packs of coyote

Bore witness

to an elk migration

pass by my feet.

We set out as friends

Now, become lovers.

Blue shadowed dusk

Falling on the red desert plains

and becoming dark inside

an ancient lingering

lit inside of our glass-blown hearts

Clear, fragile as dawn,

The weeping that goes forth

Blowing the plumes

of long lavender fields.

There is a quaking in America.

We rise to meet her

palms faced up,

Our children’s eyes open

Breathing in this

hard-won early morning.

Eyes greeting the sun

Glinted through these tears

We look to see

plant seeders

filling out banquets of fields

They stretch beyond a horizon

in bursts of joy and exaltation.

For the growing places are still

in process.

Things like truth

take longer to take root

like trees,

and birds,

our children,

This mountain.

This love.

The wind stopped breathing

for a moment

As if to say,

This moment is enough.

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