Over the Rainbow/ Forgiveness Rock Record

I’ve come to see forgiveness as grace in the form of an amendment. A repairing of broken hearts and relationships that heal all involved parties.

We didn’t get it right this time, and that is okay. We’ve awakened the shadow in our anger and hurt, but don’t you see that fear is an illusory foe? There are many worries and scary things in this world.

But there is too much good and beauty to allow our misaligned perception to keep holding us back from our lives, our partners, our children, our destinies.

Tucson, Arizona 10/21/2018

We must continue pursuing grace and administering it to ourselves and others. We are to forgive ourselves when that doesn’t happen. You need not sit and stew in the negative emotions or experiences for you co-created this with yourself or another person- even if it wasn’t your fault.

Sunset Storm- Tucson, Arizona 10/21/2018

The abuse or neglect you suffered was not because you are unworthy, or sent as some archaic task/burden from god, but the circumstances and people that hurt you- can also come to bless you.

But that shadow

has been serving you.
What hurts you blesses you.
Darkness is your candle.
Your boundaries are your quest. -Rumi, 13th century

In the admittance of our pain and with the disavowal of its continuance in our lives we free ourselves and others. You are a liberated, enlightened, expansive, beautiful human being! All of us are.

I still get nervous posting my thoughts, emotions, my life for strangers, friends, and loved ones to see. But I know that this is my path. We teach and grow by the example of our experiences. My hope is for every human and living being on this Earth to live, to enjoy life to thrive.

Joshua Tree National Park- 10/2018

The reason why evil appears to succeed is because the humans fostering selfish and negative ideologies, lifestyles, and religious systems believe in what they are doing.

The Nazi’s staggering horrific success was multi-fold, but at the helm of that atrocious machine- was Hitler’s imperative belief in an Aryan Utopia- and he would not be swayed.

Jesus and Buddha believed in ultimate love, unity, and forgiveness. There will always be fringes of people groups clutching on to and riding the thrones of madness.

But I see people awakening to a more holistic, inclusive, more joyful type of living.

Focus fully on your dreams and don’t back down when the “holy shit, what did I do,” kicks in- because that will happen.

Look to the anxieties and fears instead of repressing them.

Wounds cannot heal if they are bandaged without being looked at. Exposing the hurt places inside and outside of ourselves is the beginning steps of wholeness & freedom.

The farther we remove ourselves from our undealt hurtful experiences the harder the healing process is and it’s ongoing for the rest of your life. We don’t get to a place of complete finality until we die, but we can have a lot of meaningful fun and true growing in the meantime.

I’ve come to see Forgiveness as a form of empathy, wisdom, grace, and compassion.

We are all fighting our own battles. We don’t have to keep holding each other a part or blame anyone for the discord on our paths. Just remember- You, are not alone. You are not alone. You are not alone.

When I start to doubt my way I go back to nature. I return to the places from whence we first came. Out in the wilderness there’s no bullshit. Wolf, deer, and elk shit- sure. But in nature it’s just you and the Earth and you are confronted with your strengths, your thoughts your vulnerabilities.

How can we become stronger if we don’t know our own weaknesses and triggers? You must look into the shadow of your own soul and look at yourself objectively without judgment or praise. It seems so daunting at first, just like meditation, just like anything.

We often become better with life as we age because we’ve had years of experiences behind us. All of my skills I learned and mastered as a social worker have all played a part in who I am now and in my new path.

I was able to write a book, blog, poems with relative ease- because this is my calling & because I worked and wrote hundreds of child & family investigations- 5 days a week, for 6 years. My job made me fearless because I saw the good that is worth fighting for in this world.

Do not think your dream is over just because it hasn’t manifested yet. Take stock of your situation and enhance the things that are working for you.

Do not think your dream is over just because it hasn’t manifested yet.

Take stock of your situation and enhance the things that are working for you.

The negative blocks, jobs, and people in your life will naturally start to fall away.

I’ve lost probably about 20 friends- at least in intimacy or in some cases total friendship, as I started achieving my goals. It’s made me stronger than hell.

It was painful and I didn’t understand why until recently. I thought it was mainly my fault for how I left Fort Worth, Texas. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out some of the people I’m referring to..

I’m not blameless in all this, but what I realized was those who were not able to be strong or happy for me when I needed them to be because they were not able to love, be strong, or truly be happy with themselves.

There was so much freedom in that revelation. I don’t want to be a conditional human being- placing all my hurt and expectations for my personal happiness on anyone else except myself and the Universe, Earth, and whatever else’s might be out there secretly working on our behalf.

I can see the glory and benefit

Of Being for mr. Kite

The beauty in the expansion of our most intimate desires

The honing of diamonds

If god wanted a universe of perfection he would have remained in heaven

There’s a different sort of brilliance at work in our faults and weakened places.

It is there we may lose or find god, but assuredly in the pitfalls you will find yourself and go forward in shame, strength, or some combination of that and grace.

There are many footpaths

And mountains to scale.

I am not afraid.

I am enough.

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