Silver and Colorado Springs

This is probably my shortest blog post because I just wrote this two hours ago, and because it is new material- not related to the book. Almost 24 hours in Colorado and I’m already feeling refreshed and serene.

I prefer pen and paper when I’m writing in nature. It’s kind of a return to the Earth. The words become tangible through the depths of blue or black ink. They become real. Words become sturdy like the boulder I’m laying on, sun overhead and cool winds breezing.

I thought I had forgiven Texas. Thought I had put the past behind me as I chugged down the miles out of the state. I stayed around 90 for most of the way here, as often as I could. Driving in the dead of night, passing sleepy 35 mph ghost towns of oil and cattle trade.

I secretly promised myself to be out of Texas by sunset. Let the sun go down as that phase of my life grows distant, not strained and not in regards to friends and fam, just a life not so close at hand.

How long will wounds keep reopening? I used to not feel so deeply and for most of my twenties. Meditation, social work, and marijuana- the double edged swords that tricked me into deep compassion and empathy. I get weary of the trials faced when fighting for human rights/welfare.

The only solace I can find is that we are being crushed to diamonds. Words are my blood. I am bound to them for some unknown agreement. They led me back to here, to Colorado, almost exactly one year later.

I tried to shirk away from Colorado as my heart was set down more southward. The mountains were calling me to close the circle. To enjoy, bask, and reflect. To suture up the stubborn sore places and move forward in fullness, in health, in peace. Or maybe I’m just really stoned. Whatever it is that keeps calling me back to the Rockies, I am thankful for it.

Just as animals have habits and behaviors uniquely suited to their own experiences, and mating rituals particular to their respective kinds we also do the same.

We are still primal in many ways and we forget that part of us. The part that will always be part of this Earth.

The farther we distance ourselves from our planet the farther we disconnect from ourselves as a species.

Our clans are uniting through the Internet and social media. The internet is the most universal medium to catapult a zeitgeist, but there will be more to come- even greater and more effective.

It is in nature that the ideals of progress or the future become much more immediately clear- in that progress is coming whether you want it or not.

I picked flowers for my longtime friend, Emily, to celebrate her first child being born yesterday. The closing of a circle, here in Colorado, and the opening of a new one. I am so proud of my friends who are parents. This next generation is going to be kick ass and cooler than us!!

I think I finally understand what winter is coming means. Enjoy now and be prepared for more. One can interpret this as a warning, but it is more an admonishment. A stating of Truth. To be human is to adorn statements of truth with glitter and doom. Just like the preceding sentence.

That in itself is the beauty of evolution. Here on Earth all the basic building blocks of the profound diversities of life are found in a handful of elements and deoxyribonucleic acid zoodle spirals. We are all building upon another former creation. Both within ourselves and within the broader context of our species and environments.

It is not that the boon in human population is the problem- the planet has enough resources to sustain life. The sustenance must be in equal balance and harmony with the Earth.

I picked flowers for my longtime friend, Emily today, to celebrate her first child being born yesterday. The closing of a circle, here in Colorado, and the opening of a new one.

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